Stage 2c - Writing the policies

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It is important to make sure you have the resources to write the policies for your Plan. There are guide notes to help you and the policies must reflect the community's views. Once the policies have been drafted it is a good idea to hold an event to consult the community.


The Neighbourhood Plan must positively encourage the types of development the community wishes to see. The plan should not focus negatively on preventing change.

The Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with:

  • the Cornwall Local Plan and
  • the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)

The Neighbourhood Plan does not need to duplicate policies that are covered in:

  • the Cornwall Local Plan
  • the NPPF

However, it can add detail at the local level.

Projects identified by the community will also be listed and prioritsed. It is suggested that projects are included in the Neighbourhood Plan as an appendix or Part 2. This is because they do not form part of the formal planning policy. They are nonetheless important and valuable.

Once you have a final draft of your Neighbourhood Plan, the document will need to be screened for Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA). The SEA is completed by the Council's Neighbourhood Planning Team. This needs to be done before you can carry out the Pre-Submission Consultation. The screening needs to be carried out as soon as possible. There are guide notes below to help you with this stage of the process.

Guide notes and other information

Local and National Policies 

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