Stage 2a - Getting to know your neighbourhood

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

This stage involves gathering baseline information about the issues you might cover in your plan. The information will help when you come to consult local people and find out what they think about different topics.

The Neighbourhood Plan should reflect what the community wants to see happen. This will involve responding to:

  • local issues
  • opportunities
  • problems
  • the needs and wishes of local people

You might already have a parish or town plan which contains some of the information you need. This can be used as a starting point when developing a Neighbourhood Plan. You may wish to review the parish or town plan as part of the process.

Your plan might cover a wide range of issues affecting the area, or it could be focussed on one or two. We have written a guide note on 'General development principles'. This will help establish your overall approach to development in the area. There are other guide notes in this section to help you through this stage of the process. These provide guidance on baseline information. They also give pointers on the range of questions you might address under each heading.

Current update

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government recognise there will be delays in progressing Neighbourhood Plans. This is due to the restrictions and social distancing measures currently in place across the UK. The planning guidance provides advice on the implications for:

  • conducting publicity and consultation
  • examinations
  • referendums

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, many parishes have adapted the way they consult the local community. Mylor NDP Steering group is an example of this. The parish have produced a consultation strategy setting out how they adapted their consultation. The document can be viewed here: Mylor NDP consultation strategy.

Guide notes

There are some documents you  may need to produce to evidence the planning policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.  This will depend on what topics the planning policies will cover. You may need to produce a Strategic Environment Assessment and a Local Landscape Character Assessment. The guide notes below provide more information on the documents.  

There are a range of guide notes to help you on the Neighbourhood Planning Guide Notes page.

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