Neighbourhood Planning Referendum 

It is the responsibility of Cornwall Council to organise the referendum for a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP). The Council’s Electoral Services have to publish a ‘Notice of Referendum’. This must be published 25 working days before the day of the referendum. Neighbourhood Planning Referendums are conducted in accordance with procedures. These procedures are similar to those used at local government elections. The referendum must be in accordance with Schedule 3 and 5 (The Neighbourhood Planning Referendums) of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012. We have prepared a summary of the Referendum Regulations.

An Information Statement is published 28 working days before the date of the Referendum. Copies of the Neighbourhood Planning documents are displayed for the general public to view at:

  • Cornwall Council Information Services
  • libraries
  • local facilities in the Neighbourhood area

A document is prepared called ‘Information for Voters’. This provides more information about the Referendum process. Voters living in the Neighbourhood area will receive a poll card similar to those used at elections. This will provide details of when and where they can vote on the Neighbourhood Plan for their local area.

There are three ways of voting:

  • In person at your local polling station
  • By post
  • By proxy

If more than 50% of people voting in the referendum support the plan or order, then the local planning authority must bring it into force. The NDP once adopted will then become part of the Development Plan. Cornwall Council will use the plan to help to decide planning applications in the Parish.

When a referendum is due, more details will be published on the following page:

You can find the results of Referendums on the poll results page: Neighbourhood Plan Referendum results

The NDPs that have currently been through a Neighbourhood Planning Referendum are below. Please access the individual plans for more information.

Current Neighbourhood Plan Referendums

You can find upcoming Referendums on the Neighbourhood Planning activity in Cornwall page.

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