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To help you to achieve a successful build, our ESconsult team offer a range of extra services.

These services will show that your project meets the Building Regulations. These will be required when creating dwellings, flats and conversions.

We can help you in the most cost effective and practical way for your build. We can do this by meeting building standards, whilst remaining supportive to your design.

We undertake a thorough plan check and do site inspections. This helps to avoid costly issues arising later. This will allow you to build, knowing that your work will meet with current regulations.

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Acoustic testing

New dwellings have to meet Part E of the Building Regulations. They must pass a sound resistance test or be constructed using Robust Details.

Please visit the LABC Acoustic page for more information.

For further information or a fee quote please contact us.

Air pressure testing

Part L of the Building Regulations covers energy efficiency standards for new homes. A sample of new homes on all developments must pass an air leakage test. This is also known as air tightness, air permeability or air pressure testing.

Testing can highlight cost effective improvements that can achieve a better rating.

Our ESconsult Team are knowledgeable and experienced in the house building process. We can help identify common failures in air testing. We can give advice so that the dwelling achieves the lowest air leakage rate and passes first time.

Our Ethos is “Build Tight, Ventilate Right”

Services provided for new dwellings:

  • Reliable local service at competitive prices
  • We provide a full detailed and illustrated test report
  • Air leakage identification
  • ATTMA certified testers and UKAS calibrated equipment
  • Pre-completion testing, visual inspections and advice available
  • Results given immediately after test

Our Charges

  • Air pressure tests (single dwelling) £300.00 inc VAT
  • For large developments or dwellings over 250 m2, please contact the ESconsult team.

How to make an application

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