Social media advice for host familes

Hosts like yourself are showing tremendous goodwill in offering space in their homes or property they own to refugees. 

Sometimes, to support these families, you may think about using social media to request resources from the public such as clothes, school uniform, toys etc. 

Unfortunately, sharing information about the whereabouts of refugees, and any of their personal details (such as names, which school they will be attending, their age and gender etc) may put them at risk from less well-meaning members of the community. 

Hosts are advised to avoid using social media to make these requests, and instead contact

Be aware that refugees are coming to you having suffered considerable trauma and will need time to start to feel settled. 

They may also feel indebted to us and may be reluctant to say no to requests even when they want don’t want to do something.

Please be sensitive to the fact that they may not be happy about having their photos, details or whereabouts shared on social media, and may struggle to say no.

If in doubt, don’t post.

Here’s some more advice on using social media:

  • Don’t photograph or publicly identify anyone on social media as a refugee without their informed and explicit consent – and even then we would advise against this.
  • Don’t photograph or publicly identify any child (under 18 years) on social media without the informed and explicit consent of both them, and their their parent or guardian.
  • Don’t ask any vulnerable adult or child (under 18 years) to publicly participate in any event without their informed and explicit consent, and the informed and explicit consent of their parent or guardian.

For further information about keeping refugee children and their families safe and protected, please take a look at the following links:

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