Creative Cornwall Calling

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Are you self-employed or an organisation based in Cornwall? 

Do you have a creative project? Do you need some funding? 

Creative Cornwall Calling is an exciting campaign. It was created to help the creative sector bounce back from the difficult times caused by the pandemic here in Cornwall. It has been designed to help make your creative project come to life through a Crowdfunder campaign. People can donate to help make your idea a reality. Cornwall Council can also offer some extra funding.

Through this campaign, we will be able to offer a total of £15K as match-funding to support creative projects based in Cornwall. On top of this, there are other pots of match-funding available to you on crowdfunder such as:

We have created an eligibility criteria. This is to ensure even those of you who missed out on other support can benefit from this match-funding. This includes self-employed creatives and creative businesses. Our aim is to support the recovery of our creative sector and, more importantly, we hope this will support you!

How to take part

As part of Crowdfunder's terms and conditions, please be aware that there is a 5% fee charged to our match-funding pledges.

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