Cornwall's Creative Census

The Creative Census gathers evidence to support Cornwall’s Creative Manifesto.

It gathers in-depth intelligence about creative businesses in Cornwall:

  • What is their contribution to Cornwall’s economy?
  • Which sub-sectors are they working in?
  • How can we understand opportunities for growth and the barriers preventing it?

Across the last two years, we have received 770 completed surveys. We are very grateful to those who took part for their time and insights. We estimate the size of the Creative Industries sector in Cornwall to be in the region of 6,000 businesses.

2023 Creative Census

If you choose to read the full report, you will find a series of ‘Policy Pointers’. The pointers highlight potential actions that could improve conditions for creative businesses. The report shows how businesses can be better supported and provided with relevant opportunities. The Creative Census will help unlock investment, activity and support. It will ensure the continued growth of our culture sector, which delivers to Cornwall’s communities.

2022 Creative Census

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