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Penwith District Local Plan
Adopted 2004
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1 Introduction
2 The Local Plan Area
3 Plan Strategy
4 Objectives
5 General Development Guidance
6 Coast and Countryside
7 Towns and Villages
8 Housing
9 Employment
10 Tourism
11 Recreation
12 Transportation
13 Community Services
14 Environmental Appraisal
15 Monitoring and Review
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Proposals Map
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Plan Help
Terms and Conditions
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Using the Site

This site has been developed to provide interactive access to the Written Statement and Proposals Maps of the Penwith District Council Local Plan. It is separated into the two relevant sections, both of which can be accessed from the Home Page. To assist in navigation and irrespective of which section you are viewing, links to other areas of the site are always displayed at the foot of each page.

Use the Back Button in the Bowser Toolbar to return to a previous page.

Using the Maps

The Inset Maps are presented as fixed scale images for reference and navigation purposes. Move the mouse over the image and pause to see messages about links to larger scale maps or links to relevant sections of the text.

The Inset Maps are divided into tiles to enable reasonable detail to be seen without the need for horizontal scrolling and to keep the performance of the site reasonable.  A list of the tiles is also provided on the left. The tiles can also be accessed from the main large scale Index map.

Policies referred to in the Legend are linked to the relevant policy statement in the text. The mouse can be used to display a text message identifying the policy to which the link refers.

The relevant section in the text will be displayed in the browser window. When finished reading the text use the back button in the browser toolbar to return to the map.

A comprehensive legend is displayed on the left with links to relevant text passages.

Using the Text

Use the contents panel on the left to jump to book-marks within the text. Similarly references within the text to other sections, external publications or other chapters are identified by colour. References to the appropriate Proposals Map tile are also identified and linked, use the back button in the browser toolbar to return to the text.

Printing the Text

To print all the text for a chapter use the right button of the mouse while the cursor is in the text frame and select the Print option. To print part of the text highlight the section of text to print and copy this to a Word or Notepad application for subsequent printing. Alternatively use the link on the left to open the PDF format for any chapter and print the document or part document from that.

Get Adobe Acrobat These files can be quite large (up to 6Mbs in size) and can take several minutes to open if using a 28.8 Modem. Acrobat files can be opened directly in the web browser (with the appropriate plug-in) or, by clicking on the right mouse button you can open a dialogue box with options to save the file to your local disk for later opening and printing. You will still require a copy of Acrobat Reader 5.0 to open these files after downloading. A free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be obtained from the Adobe Web-site (

Printing the Maps

Place the cursor over the map to print and click the right mouse button. Select Print.

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