Library charges

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Overdue charges for books and free DVD loans

  • Adult members – 25p per open day to maximum of £8.00
  • Access, Concessionary and Young Adult members – 15p per open day to a maximum of £4.00
  • Child members (under 16) – No charge

Library charges can be paid at the self service kiosks in any of our libraries. We do not have online or card payment facilities at this time but hope to implement this in the future.

Lost or damaged items

  • Full replacement or rebinding cost (no charge for picture books borrowed by children under 5yrs old)

Replacement library membership card

  • Adult - £1.50
  • Concessions, Access, Young Adult - £1.00
  • Under 16s – 50p

Hire Charges

  • DVDs – from 50p to £3.00 per week; free to Access members limited to 2 at a time; Classic Film collections free
  • CDs – £1:00 per disc; free to Access members
  • Audiobook CDs - now free to all

Performing Arts collection

  • Vocal and Orchestral sets - no charge

Vocal and Orchestral sets requested from outside Cornwall:

  • Vocal scores - 60p per score per six months
  • Orchestral sets - £10.00 per set per three months
  • Postal charge of £7.00 per 20 copies (please note this charge may vary, ask staff for details)
  • Reservation charge £6.00 from library authorities inside South West Region (non-refundable)
  • Reservation charge £12.05 from library authorities outside South West Region (non-refundable)
  • Late returns charge £10.00
  • Missing part charged at cost plus £5.00 administration fee, unless a new copy is supplied by customer 

Room hire

  • Minimum of £10.00 per hour when library open, dependent upon size of room available; negotiable rates for out of hours and community use

Commission rates

  • 30% - requires signed agreement in place between artist and Cornwall Council


  • Adults and Concessionary users - £1.00 per item if placed by library staff at staffed sites and mobile libraries (limit of 6 in process at any one time). 
  • Online self-reservations - Free (limit of 6 in process at any one time)
  • Access and Housebound members - free 
  • Under 18s – Free (limit of 6 in process at any one time)
  • Reader's groups free for items provided from the reading group sets (items outstanding for over 1 month will be charged as lost)
  • Books on prescription - free

Please note that when reserving DVDs, CDs, computer games and audio books, a hire charge may be payable when the item is collected.

Out of County Inter Library Requests

  • Adults - £10.10
  • Concessions, Young Adults - £9.10
  • Children - £4.10
  • British Library Loan Request - £18.35
  • British Library periodical request - £13.25
  • British Library Loan Renewal - £5.10 per 3 week renewal period

Please note if you owe more than £5.00 in library charges you may be prevented from borrowing until the balance is reduced.  Please speak to a member of staff for advice.

Use of public computers (subject to availability)

  • Cornwall Library members - FREE for two hours
  • Other Library members (all other English and Welsh library authorities) - Free for one hour
  • Non-members - Free for 30 minutes (no extension)
  • Access to Wi-Fi - free

Extension of time after the free period is dependent on availability and at the discretion of the library supervisor.

Please note if you owe more than £5.00 in library charges you will be regarded as a non-member for computer charging purposes.

Printing from any source

  • Monochrome 10p; colour 50p per sheet
  • High gloss colour printing on customer’s own paper £1.00; on library paper £1.25 per sheet


  • 1-29 sheets
    A4 monochrome 10p per sheet (colour 50p where offered)
    A3 monochrome 20p per sheet (colour £1.00 where offered)
  • 30 plus sheets
    A4 monochrome 8p per sheet (colour 40p where offered)
    A3 monochrome 16p per sheet (colour 80p where offered)

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