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Kalender Kernewek

The Calendar shows coming events where you can use the Cornish language or events relevant to the Cornish language. If you are organising a Cornish language event, please complete the form below.  If you notice anything missing or incorrect, please contact the Office at or call 01872 323497.

An Kalender a dhiskwedh hwarvosow ow tos le may hyllir gul devnydh a Gernewek ha hwarvosow kelmys dhe'n yeth.  Mars esowgh ow restra hwarvos Kernewek, kollenwewgh an furvlen a-woles mar pleg.

Mar merkyowgh neppyth kellys po kamm, kestevewgh gans an Sodhva orth po 01872 323497.

Request a new event to be added

Disclaimer: All information provided on this website was correct at the time of upload. Please check with the appropriate event organiser before attending.

Disavowans: Ewn o oll an kedhlow proviys war an wiasva ma orth prys an ughkarg. Chekkyewgh mar pleg gans ordenor an hwarvos kyns attendya.

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