Cornish Language Partnership archive

The Partnership included language organisations, local authorities and a number of other organisations who have came together with the aim of promoting Cornish and developing it further in Cornish life. Below is an archive of information produced by the partnership.

This first Strategy for the Cornish Language has been developed as the initial step in the implementation of Part II of the Council of Europe Charter for Regional and Minority Languages, under which Cornish was specified in March 2003.

The Partnership set strategy and direction and approved the annual work programmes, reports and budget of the partnership office. See the recorded Partnership agendas and minutes.

The Management Board oversaw the ongoing work of the Cornish Language Partnership Office in implementing the programmes agreed by the Partnership. It met on average once a month. See the recorded Management board agendas and minutes.

The signage panel researches and provides translations for street signs in Cornwall, working closely with the Address Management service of Cornwall Council. It also works towards agreeing Cornish versions of place-names. The panel is now a part of Akademi Kernewek. See the pre-Akademi recorded agendas and minutes.

Terms of reference, protocols and other legal documents

Here you can find all the background documents about the make up of the Partnership, including the terms of reference for the Partnership itself as well as the Commission and Linguistic Working Group who worked on the Standard Written Form.  The Memorandum of Understanding, the legal document that binds the Partnership, can also be found here, and any protocols for areas of the work programme.

Archive of press releases issued by the Cornish Language Partnership.

Independent evaluation report on the first phase of the Partnership's work.

The MAGA project was funded in the initial phase by Cornwall County Council, the Department for Communities and Local Government and by the European Union through the Objective One programme.

In accordance with the requirements of European funding, an independent evaluation was carried out when the initial phase came to an end.

The report from the consultants is available here. It highlights those parts of the project that worked well, together with those parts that could have been improved and gives some recommendations for the future.

We are very grateful to the consultants for their work on this, which will help the Partnership considerably in assessing work to date and formulating future plans.