Small and community events guidance

Even small community public events like fetes, craft fairs and car boot sales require planning and preparation to make sure they are safe and enjoyable.

As a general rule, if your event will have less than 500 visitors, it’s a small or community event. If it will have 500 or more visitors, it’s a large event and will need extra planning and preparation. See our guidance for large events for details.

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You can find information on organising small events in Cornwall Council's Guidance for Small and Community Events.

The guide provides information on 

  • Planning small and community events
  • Organising small and community events
  • Small and community event facilities
  • Crowd Control and Stewarding
  • Traffic Control
  • Health and Safety for small and community events
  • Insurance 
  • Risk Assessment for small and community events
  • A Safety Checklist
  • Considerations for after your event
  • Useful links