Library Charges

Overdue charges for books and free DVD loans

  • Adult members – 25p per open day to maximum of £8.00
  • Access, Concessionary and Young Adult members – 15p per open day to a maximum of £4.00
  • Child members (under 16) – No charge
  • Full replacement or rebinding cost (no charge for picture books borrowed by children under 5yrs old)
  • Adult - £1.50
  • Concessions, Access, Young Adult - £1.00
  • Under 16s – 50p
  • DVDs – from 50p to £3.00 per week; free to Access members limited to 2 at a time; non-fiction free
  • CDs – £1:00 per disc; free to Access members
  • Computer games (where available) - £3.00 per week
  • Audiobook CDs per 3 week loan – Adults £2.00; children 50p; Free to Access members, housebound members and looked after children
  • Vocal and Orchestral sets - no charge

Vocal and Orchestral sets requested from outside Cornwall:

  • Vocal scores - 60p per score per six months
  • Orchestral sets - £10.00 per set per three months
  • Postal charge of £7.00 per 20 copies (please note this charge may vary, ask staff for details)
  • Reservation charge £6.00 from library authorities inside South West Region (non-refundable)
  • Reservation charge £12.05 from library authorities outside South West Region (non-refundable)
  • Late returns charge £10.00
  • Missing part charged at cost plus £5.00 administration fee, unless a new copy is supplied by customer 
  • Minimum of £10.00 per hour when library open, dependent upon size of room available; negotiable rates for out of hours and community use
  • 30% - requires signed agreement in place between artist and Cornwall Council
  • Adults and Concessionary users - £1.00 per item if placed by library staff at staffed sites and mobile libraries (limit of 6 in process at any one time). 
  • Online self-reservations - Free (limit of 6 in process at any one time)
  • Access and Housebound members - free 
  • Under 18s – Free (limit of 6 in process at any one time)
  • Reader's groups free for items provided from the reading group sets (items outstanding for over 1 month will be charged as lost)
  • Books on prescription - free

Please note that when reserving DVDs, CDs, computer games and audio books, a hire charge as listed on the Library Charges page may be payable when the item is collected.

  • Adults - £10.00
  • Concessions, Young Adults - £9.00
  • Children - £4.00
  • British Library Loan Request - £17.00
  • British Library periodical request - £10.15
  • British Library Loan Renewal - £4.50 per 3 week renewal period

Please note if you owe more than £5 in library charges you may be prevented from borrowing until the balance is reduced.  Please speak to a member of staff for advice.

  • Cornwall Library members - FREE for two hours
  • Other Library members (all other English and Welsh library authorities) - Free for one hour
  • Non-members - Free for 30 minutes (no extension)
  • Access to Wi-Fi - free

Extension of time after the free period is dependent on availability and at the discretion of the library supervisor.

Please note if you owe more than £5.00 in library charges you will be regarded as a non-member for computer charging purposes.

  • Monochrome 10p; colour 50p per sheet
  • High gloss colour printing on customer’s own paper £1.00; on library paper £1.25 per sheet
  • 1-29 sheets
    A4 monochrome 10p per sheet (colour 50p where offered)
    A3 monochrome 20p per sheet (colour £1.00 where offered)
  • 30 plus sheets
    A4 monochrome 8p per sheet (colour 40p where offered)
    A3 monochrome 16p per sheet (colour 80p where offered)