Update on the library and one stop shop service review: 4 April 2015

Cornwall Council’s Communities Policy Advisory Committee, known as the Communities PAC, met earlier this month to discuss and consider the report on the Council's Face to Face Service and the alternative service delivery of Libraries and One Stop Shops.

The PAC has recommended to Cornwall Council's Cabinet that further work is done before a decision is made on the future delivery of the library and one stop shop service. Cabinet listened to the views of the Cornwall Council Members and withdrew the item from the Cabinet agenda in order to allow more time for this further work to be carried out.

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Prior to, and throughout the consultation on the future delivery of Face to Face Services, a number of groups and organisations expressed an interest in delivering their local service. We will now be working with those local councils, groups and organisations to discuss and develop their proposals further.

In addition to this the PAC and Cabinet are keen to receive further expressions of interest from other town and parish councils and community groups who had not previously contacted the Council or shown an interest in delivering their local service. Hopefully this further opportunity will encourage communities to come forward with solutions for their area

We are keen to hear from any local councils, groups or organisations that have considered delivering their local service but have not put a proposal forward. Initial discussions will not commit you to anything but may bring to light a solution you or we had not considered.

If you are interested in talking to us about devolving the library and one stop shop in your area, please email: libraries@cornwall.gov.uk or phone: 0300 1234 111 by 30 September 2015.

Geoff Brown, Cabinet Member for Communities, said: “I would like to thank everyone who has responded to the consultation, as their views have helped to shape the way forward. We have listened to the concerns of the public and our Members, and the choice by Cabinet, to delay a decision on the library and one stop shop recommendation, demonstrates that this was always an open consultation.

“It’s really important that local councils and organisations use this extra time to talk to the Council about how they can work with us to find solutions for their local areas.”

Whilst we are aiming to protect the whole library/one stop shop service across Cornwall through local organisations and groups taking on the running of their local service whilst being supported by the Council's central library and one stop shop team – so far we only have 14 ‘Expressions of Interest’ from across Cornwall and without more we cannot rule out ultimately having to close sites in order to deliver the service within budget.

Once the proposals, and any new ones yet to be received, have been developed they will be presented to the Communities PAC, for the committee’s views prior to a formal recommendation to Cabinet.