Update on the library and one stop shop service review: 27 October 2015

The Communities PAC met on 27 October 2015 to consider the report on the Face to Face: Alternative Service Delivery of Libraries and One Stop Shops.

The Communities PAC report summarised the work undertaken so far, following public consultation, on the options for transferring or ‘devolving’ the operation of individual libraries/one stop shops to a town or parish council or community organisation. The report confirmed the sites for which interest has been received and explored the opportunities available for local councils and community groups to shape services in their local areas.

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Having heard and considered the options, the Communities PAC has approved the three recommendations and added a fourth recommendation:

  1. That Option 1 (Model A – Progress the devolution of the local Library and/or One Stop Shop service, as set out in this report, to those organisations that have expressed an interest) be approved as the primary option to implement.
  2. That Option 4 (One Public Estate Job Centre Plus opportunities) are explored in more detail and progressed where possible (alongside recommendation 1)
  3. That Members are regularly updated on progress and a further detailed report is brought back at an appropriate time relating to any library/one stop shop which it has not been possible to encompass in recommendations 1 or 2 with a view to the potential impact and options regarding service delivery in these areas to ensure the service is delivered within budget by 1 April 2017.
  4. That meetings be held in communities where Libraries and One Stop Shops are currently located in separate buildings. These meetings should include local Members throughout the catchment area served by the Library and/or One Stop Shop.

Cabinet will consider the PAC’s recommendation on 4 November 2015.

Geoff Brown, Cabinet Member for Communities said: "The Communities PAC considered the report very carefully and their approval of the recommendations, along with their additional request for additional meetings to be held in the communities where our libraries and one stop shops are in separate locations, provides Cabinet with the opportunity to consider the future delivery of the Face to Face services; however I fully appreciate that this continues to be a period of uncertainty for you and thank you for your continued support and hard work."