An Introduction to FEAST

FEAST is on a mission to spread creativity to all the corners of Cornwall. So far FEAST has brought tea dances to residential homes; a Christmas grotto to Redruth; environmental art to Bodmin Moor; bonfire poetry readings to the Roseland and much, much more. You can find details of the funded projects by exploring the FEAST website.  Perhaps you have your own idea of how to make Cornwall even more creative? Details of how to apply are on the FEAST website too.

In 2008 Cornwall Council’s Creative Services, working with the charity Arts Centre Trust, secured 3 years of funding from Arts Council England to deliver a programme called FEAST.

FEAST brings artists together with communities to create high quality cultural opportunities in towns and villages across Cornwall. The aim is make arts and creative activity a valued, shared and expected part of community life.

FEAST looks for and develops the best ideas with artists and communities. It commissions widely spread, high quality, mostly small scale projects which all together have a big impact and visibility.

The total value of Arts Council funding over the 3 years 2008-2011 was almost £700k. The target was to generate at least an additional 70%. This has been significantly exceeded, with an independent evaluation of the programme published in May 2011 confirming that FEAST projects had generated more than 130% additional income for creative activity in Cornish communities.

FEAST is acknowledged a success with Arts Council investment now extended to 2015. The independent evaluation by Annabel Jackson Associates surveyed some 600 people - artists, members of the public and community leaders. Quotes from those surveyed include:

  • “FEAST provides easy-to-access funds, good support and amazing impact - our project was featured on national news as a result. It is brilliant to have professional design/artistic support for community initiatives.”
  • “FEAST brings people together, captures people’s imagination, puts communities at the centre and brings skill into the community. It makes people feel valued.”
  • “As we are asking communities to do more for themselves FEAST is a model to consider how we begin to build capacity, mutual respect and confidence in a local area.”
  • “The FEAST project has opened up massive communication in the village. We can go to people’s houses and it feels comfortable, it feels really supportive. If you have a problem, there is always a solution.”

Read the full evaluation report here.

FEAST is funded by Arts Council England in partnership with Cornwall Council and delivered by Cornwall Arts Centre Trust