Transport Opportunities


The Transport and Infrastructure Service brings together key elements of the Council and works together with partners to help improve the daily lives of the people who live, work and visit Cornwall.

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We use our knowledge and understanding of the communities we live and work in to identify key issues facing our communities to develop and deliver appropriate solutions.

This includes:

  • Making sure communities are connected by reliable, public transport links
  • To ensure people can access work, health and leisure opportunities
  • We make sure the road network keeps moving and responds quickly and appropriately to emergency events which threaten this, such as flooding
  • We work closely with partners in the rail industry and Highways England to ensure the national rail and road network is fit for purpose for Cornwall’s communities
  • We also look for opportunities for innovative and efficient improvements to our transport in Cornwall while maintaining links with the rest of the UK

The service has a challenging and exciting agenda over the next few years to deliver the infrastructure required that will enable new homes and job opportunities, support the health of our communities and protect our beautiful and unique environment.

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For further information, please email or call 01872 323800.

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