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Buyer Registration Form

Cornwall Council provides owners of empty properties with a variety of services to help bring them back into use. The Empty Property Matching Service enables owners to advertise their property to a wider audience and potentially increase buyer interest. The service advertises the property online. You can also join our potential buyers list and receive early bird notifications ahead of the website updates.

We encourage any potential buyer to join the Cornwall Responsible Landlord Scheme. The scheme is free to join. The aim is to help promote quality accommodation in the private rented sector.

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Buyer Registration form

Empty property details

The following details will be held on a secure database and not advertised or distributed to anyone except the owner of an empty property that you have consented to receive your details.

* If applicable
* If registering as a company

: By providing your personal details to Cornwall Council you are consenting to Cornwall Council to contact you with information about empty properties that fit within your stated criteria. If you decide to make contact with the owner of the empty property you will consent to us providing the empty property owner with your contact details. Please note that Cornwall Council is providing an information service only about properties and/or persons who may be interested in selling or buying these properties. This does not amount to a recommendation by Cornwall Council that these properties are suitable for your needs. The Council will not seek to verify the accuracy of any property information that has been provided and will accept no responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions. No communication to you from the Council shall constitute or be deemed to constitute the provision of legal advice. You should take independent legal advice on the purchase/sale of properties to ensure that the necessary checks and safeguards are followed to protect your investment.

Data Protection

The purpose for collecting the information is identification of empty properties and helping to bring them back into habitable use. As part of that purpose, information collected may be shared within the Council, including with Council Tax, but not with other organisations.

Your information will be held for 5 years.

If you have concerns regarding the processing of the information please contact the Empty Homes Team on Tel: 01726 223600.

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