Empty properties

Empty Properties are a wasted resource which could be used to provide much needed homes. They can be an eyesore for local residents and cause other concerns

Cornwall currently has a high housing need, and the housing market faces many pressures. In addition to planning for new housing development the Council is working towards bringing empty properties back into residential use and helping to meet housing requirements, while ensuring that we continue to raise housing standards.

The Council offers a range of assistance for owners of empty properties, including empty residential properties and empty non-residential properties that have valid planning permission for the required change of use, including:

  • Low cost loans scheme
  • Access to leasing schemes
  • Letter of evidence for VAT savings
  • Free Pre-application planning advice
  • Other advice about bringing empty properties back into habitable use.

Please see our Help for Empty Properties Leaflet highlighting the Empty Homes Team's assistance.

Find out about financial help available to owners of empty properties including low cost loans.

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A new service aiming to introduce owners of empty properties to potential investors who may be interested in purchasing their property.

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We can provide advice and guidance about the options available to owners of empty properties, including tips when buying an empty home.

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Did you know that if you own an empty property you may be entitled to make savings on VAT and apply for council tax discounts.

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