Homelessness Strategy - Review


Homelessness is complex and often reflects other vulnerabilities or circumstances related to health, justice or social services. Successful homelessness strategies require all public services to contribute in a way that recognises the personal needs, strengths and assets of every household.

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Cornwall’s current Homelessness Strategy runs until March 2020 and needs reviewing in light of recent legislative and other changes. The Council's Homelessness Services are managed through Cornwall Housing Ltd.

Work has been undertaken to prepare an initial approach as to how Partners working in Cornwall can address homelessness and rough sleeping. This outline approach is made available for anyone interested in the subject to comment on - and all comments received will be used to prepare the strategy for the next five years.

Two online questionnaires have been prepared to seek views. These questionnaires contain many open ended questions as we want feedback to fully influence the new strategy:

General Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for anyone who has experienced homelessness, been threatened with homelessness or is interested in the subject.

Complete the general survey online

Alternatively, you can complete a downloadable version of the survey.

Organisations Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for for those working in organisations that support homeless individuals and families and asks for ideas on how we can work together to resolve homelessness and to identify the part they will play.

Complete the organisations survey online

Alternatively, you can complete a downloadable version of the survey.

Accompanying papers

Accompanying these questionnaires are 4 papers that provide additional context on the proposed framework approach:

  1. Excellence in homelessness services
  2. Preventing homelessness
  3. Homelessness Interventions
  4. Recovery from homelessness

A briefing note has been prepared that provides some useful background information on homelessness, such as what has been delivered through the current strategy, the implementation of the Homelessness Reduction Act, current activity around reducing rough sleeping and an overview of the consultation and engagement planned for the new strategy.

The twelve week consultation period will run from the 15th May to the 7th August 2019.

In addition - a range of engageement events have been planned across Cornwall with a number of Partners that work in homelessness.

The first stage in reviewing Cornwall's Homelessness Strategy was to gain feedback on how the current approach is working - from key stakeholders working with homeless households and from users of homelessness services. This was undertaken between November 2018 and January 2019 and the following two reports summarise findings:

A comprehensive evidence base is being prepared and items will be added to these pages over the next few months as they are finalised. The following papers are available:

A literature review provides links to various national and local reports on different aspects of homelessness and which will be periodically updated as useful documents are published.

Once the consultation is closed work will being on preparing the Strategy and Delivery Plan. A Response Report summarising comments received from the consultation and engagement events will be posted on this page as soon as it is available.