Homechoice is changing


What is changing?

  1. The Homechoice housing allocation rules

  2. A new website for Homechoice

Why is Homechoice changing?

Homechoice is changing because demand for social housing in Cornwall is very high. There are currently approx.19,500 households registered with Homechoice and on average only 2,300 social housing properties become available each year.

The update to Homechoice will mean more of the homes that become available go to families and individuals with the greatest need.

It will also see local connections strengthened.

What are the new allocation rules?

Cornwall Councils's Allocations Policy sets out who qualifies for an offer of a property from those that are owned by the Council and from those that fother providers own but the Council have have nominations rights to. The Allocations Policy helps to determine what banding an application should have.

Please click here to read about the new rules in more detail: Cornwall Council's Allocation Scheme.

Click here for a Summary of the changes: Plain English summary of key changes to the Allocation Policy.

A new website for Homechoice 

Homechoice is getting a new and improved website. The new website will make it easier for applicants to apply for homes that become available through Homechoice and to manage their accounts online.

If you have any questions about Homechoice, please use the form below. 

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