Mutual exchange

If you are looking to move to a different size of property or another area you may be interested in a mutual exchange. We use a mutual exchange scheme called Homeswapper

This is a scheme that enables council house tenants to exchange their home with a tenant from another council or registered social landlord (RSL).

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This online service holds the details of people requesting mutual exchanges within Cornwall as well as those wishing to move into or out of the county.

Mutual exchanges are open to secure tenants of a council or an assured tenant of a RSL. All parties in the exchange must obtain written permission from their landlord (council or RSL) before it can go ahead.

Please note that you cannot exchange if this creates under occupancy according to the new bedroom eligibility criteria under Cornwall Council’s Allocation Policy 2013. Please speak to your Housing Management Officer if you require further advice.

Tenants of Cornwall Housing must complete an application form for a mutual exchange of property to check if they are eligible.

You can exchange with Cornwall Council tenants or RSL tenants in Cornwall, or council and RSL tenants in other parts of the country.

Cornwall Housing have funded this service to enable our tenants to register free of charge.

You can register online on the Homeswapper website. Remember to check if you are eligible first, using the form above.

Once you have registered, providing you have a secure tenancy, you will be able to go online and view matches. You will also be advised of property matches via a weekly email or by fortnightly text messages.

If you find a suitable exchange it is a good idea to meet with the other tenant and to visit each other's house. If you are thinking of visiting a potential exchange property please take a look at our mutual exchange safety advice.

Once an exchange has been found we will inform you in writing if the exchange has been approved, conditionally approved or refused within 42 days of receiving the application.

Mutual exchanges can be refused for a number of reasons. Further details on why an exchange may be refused can be found on our mutual exchange refusals page.

If you would like to discuss a mutual exchange in more detail please contact us using the details on this page.

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