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Tips on when you need Building Regulation permission.

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With all building work, the owner of the property is responsible for meeting the relevant planning rules and building regulations. Building regulations apply to most building work so it is important to find out if you need permission. 

To receive confirmation in writing about what permissions are required for your proposed work you can either;

Complete the Building Regulation only form (this is free of charge)

You can also contact us either by phone or email to discuss your proposed work.

Don't forget that you may need Building Regulation approval even if you don't need Planning approval and vice versa. The website contains information to help you decide whether or not building regulations or planning permission is required. 

Not all building work needs building regulation permission if certain conditions are fulfilled, for example;

Below are examples of the type of work that needs Building Regulation approval:

  • erection of new buildings
  • extensions to existing buildings
  • underpinning of foundations
  • barn or domestic garage conversions
  • the provision or extension of an electrical supply
  • replacing windows (unless using the FENSA or CERTASS Scheme)-
  • work that affects fire safety eg most alterations to commercial buildings
  • work for disabled people eg providing a level access shower, lift etc (there are generally no charges for this type of work)
  • removal of a load bearing wall
  • creating new door or window openings
  • installation of sanitary and washing facilities or alterations to drainage
  • installing heating appliances and oil storage tanks 
  • erection of new chimneys, flue liners or flues
  • structural alterations not considered a repair (advice given in each case)
  • installing cavity wall insulation
  • external wall insulation
  • alterations to roof spaces
  • re-roofing of pitched or flat roofs
  • replacement shop fronts
  • carrying out any remedial work to a thermal element for instance renewing external render or re tiling / slating of your roof.

In addition certain changes of use of buildings from one use to another require an application, for example;

  • creating a house, flat or maisonette
  • altering the number of dwelling units within a building
  • altering the number bedrooms within a dwelling
  • a hotel or boarding house
  • an institutional building eg nursing home
  • a public building eg sports hall, community centre
  • the building is no longer exempt where previously it was

If you know you require permission, a pre-application advice service is available, for further information please contact your local office. Alternatively you can still contact a surveyor at your local office to discuss the building regulation aspects of your proposal.