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There are two types of Building Regulation application, Full Plan and Building Notice applications. See below for more information.

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Full Plans, Building Notice or Regularisation applications can be made online or by telephone by calling 01872 224792.

You can pay for your building control application online by going to the online payment for applications page.

Other ways to make an application

Alternatively you can make an application by calling 01872 224792, email, or by post to Circuit House, St Clement Street, Truro TR1 1DT

You must submit a Full Plans application if you are doing work to a commercial building. A Full Plans application will consist of detailed plans and a full specification of the construction details together with the appropriate fee.

The benefit of this type of application is that the details are checked by a surveyor, any areas which are found not to comply with the regulations will be identified and discussed with your agent, if you have one, or yourself. This means that potential problems are identified before work starts, avoiding delays and potentially costly changes on site.

Your plans will be approved if they show compliance. Sometimes we issue a conditional approval where areas of the construction are not certain at the initial stages or information such as structural calculations are required from a third party.

  • you may wish to use an architect or agent
  • draw scaled plans
  • provide a location plan showing the boundary of your site edged in red
  • include a full specification
  • find out the plan charge
  • make cheques payable to Cornwall Council
  • contact us if you need help or further advice

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You would use a Building Notice if you are doing simple work to a domestic building. It is the simpler of the two methods as plans and a specification are not required.

You should be aware that because plans are not submitted the work is effectively checked by a surveyor as it progresses and that you will be asked many questions about the proposed construction methods. You should be very sure that you are confident about the requirements of the regulations if you are undertaking anything other than a straight forward project.

The charge for a Building Notice notification is generally 20% more than a Full Plans application because of the increased involvement required by our surveyors.

  • provide a location plan showing the boundary of your site edged in red
  • find out the Building Notice charge
  • make cheques payable to Cornwall Council
  • contact us if you need help or further advice

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As part of Cornwall Council's commitment to provide best value to the residents of Cornwall, the planning and regeneration service has added value to its legal responsibilities with the extension of some advisory or discretionary services that will be operated through ESconsult. Our ESconsult team we can provide a range of testing and assessment services to help you comply with the Building Regulations.

Services provided include:

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Hints and tips

  • Familiarise yourself with our Scheme of Charges. This document will also help you complete the work type and category of work questions.  Please note that at present , our non domestic charges cannot be viewed from the online form, please use the above link.
  • Individually determined charges must be entered as the net amount.
  • Registered users - this is recommended for frequent users.  Once registered your details will be retained saving you time in making future applications.  In addition, it gives you the option of being able to save and exit your application form at any stage of the process.  You will also be able to access  and complete your draft submission and view your completed submissions.
  • If you need any assistance in making an on line application please contact your local office where a member of our Technical Support team will be happy to assist you.
  • Application progress - Registered applications can be tracked using Public Access 

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If you have completed work for which an application should have been submitted you can apply for a regularisation certificate.  Again, further information is available in the guidance document below. 

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Charges are payable for all types of applications unless the work provides facilities for disabled persons. 

Our charges are set on a cost recovery basis and there are standard charges which cover most types of building work. 

For any charging queries, or if your project falls outside of the charging tables, please ring 01872 224792 for advice.