Shape the future: community events infographic

This is the textual equivalent of an infographic used on the 'Shaping the future of health and social care services' page

450 people participated in public events across nine locations

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Good aspects to recognise:

  • Staff, support networks and standards of care
  • Local provision of some services i.e. GP surgeries
  • Good progress on joining up services
  • Honest and open dialogue with public

Issues that need attention:

  • Too much travel for routine appointments and treatment - cost of time and travel plus support
  • Limited access to mental health services and and support - long waiting lists
  • Lack of investment in prevention and early intervention
  • Local facilities including community hospitals and GP surgeries perceived as under-utilised

Public priorities for health and care:

  • 43% - Access is a top priority for people - of those, 23% want quick prompt, convenient access
  • 19% - Staff that are professional, caring and competent
  • 8% - The right care, in the right place, at the right time
  • 6% - One contact to coordinate care
  • 5% - Involvement in planning own care
  • 19% - Other e.g. access to information, listened to, free or affordable, needs understood, joined up plan in place

Provider priorities for delivering more joined up care and support:

  • Navigators or coordinators to support people in receiving the right care - one point of contact
  • Better career pathway for carer and health professional roles - skills and workforce development
  • Single IT platform and improved information sharing - use technology as an enabler
  • Increased focus on prevention, early intervention and self-help - empower people to manage their own health and wellbeing better
  • Invest in and empower communities for local teams to find local solutions - create stronger enabling communities
  • Listening to people and care professtionals of Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly and being transparent and honest about the difficult choices we need to make
  • Empowering people and asking them to take on more responsibility for their own health and wellbeing and for supporting others in their communities
  • Being bolder and braver in focussing our resources on prevention
  • Being accountable to people for delivering on these commitments
  • Setting aside all organisational and professional boundaries and focus on the best use of the resources available

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