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Information about the Central Heating Fund and the Eco flexible policy.

Central Heating Fund delivers healthier homes

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are in the top ten areas for the UK who are in fuel poverty. 

Being warm at home has many benefits, and here's a short film which shows the real difference this has made to people's lives.


In September 2015 Cornwall Council secured central government funding to be spent installing brand new central heating in homes that needed it. And Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly is full of them.

On a league table of poor housing conditions in English counties those with really bad cold and damp homes, the islands come top and Cornwall weighs in at number three. Damp and cold can ruin lives – in fact it can take lives.

In an average winter over 20,000 extra lives are lost due to illness. Combined with cold and damp homes, particularly with older and very young residents, it's a serious public health concern.

Why keeping warm affects your health and wellbeing

Cold and damp causes many other problems. People in such homes just don’t work as well. They struggle to go about their normal lives – living in one room, struggling to concentrate on their homework and always worrying about carbon monoxide poisoning from that badly maintained boiler or chimney. And they become socially isolated – who wants to invite friends round to a freezing cold house? People simply don’t work or play very well in a cold or damp house.

The Central Heating Fund was all about fixing this and we have new plans to do more for the residents of Cornwall in future winters...so watch this space! You can view our current list of fuel poverty programmes.

Cornwall Council Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent and Policy

Cornwall Council is working with the Winter Wellbeing programme partners  to identify and support fuel poor householders who could be eligible for Energy Company Obligation (ECO) funded home improvements. 

Further details of Cornwall Council’s approach to identifying these households, assessing their eligibility and prioritising this support can be accessed via downloading the council’s Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent for 2019.Cornwall Council will be providing an information guide to provide general information on the availability and accessibility of ECO Flexible Eligibility within Cornwall. 

LA Flex installers

Cornwall Council have a list of LA EcoFlex installers who are able to deliver energy efficiency and insulation measures within Cornwall to help keep our residents safe and warm such as new heating or loft, roof or wall insulation.  They are Green Deal registered (different to Green Homes Grant) with PAS 2030 accreditation and have signed an Information Sharing Agreement with Cornwall Council.

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