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Sexual Health

Sexual health services

Advice on contraception, sexual infection (STIs) and pregnancy choices.

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The Sexual Health Strategy 2016-2023 is about improving sexual health.  As well as reducing sexual health inequalities.

The strategy has the following priorities:

  1. To reduce rates of sexual infections (STIs) among people of all ages
  2. To reduce unwanted pregnancies amongst all women of fertile age
  3. Continue to reduce under 18 and under 16 conceptions
  4. Increase early diagnosis, and reduce onward transmission of, and avoidable deaths from HIV
  5. Promote relationships, sexual health
  6. Using innovation and collaboration

The services commissioned as part of our provision in Cornwall are:

  1. An open access integrated sexual and reproductive health service including a digital service
  2. A young peoples sexual health service
  3. A HIV Prevention Service

Please visit the Sexual Health Cornwall website