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Nappy sacks and risks to babies

Nappy sacks can present a serious risk to babies and young children.

Babies can suffocate after pulling nappy sacks stored in their cots, or near to where they had been put to sleep, to their faces. The thinness of the plastic makes it "cling" to the face when breathed in and young babies are unable to pull it away.

Please help to make parents and carers of young children aware of the dangers posed by nappy sacks and encourage them to take the same safety precautions as they would with common plastic bags.

To avoid danger of suffocation and choking:

  • Always keep nappy sacks and other plastic bags and wrapping away from babies and young children
  • Never place nappy sacks in a baby's cot or pram.

The following resources are available and free to download to help inform individuals, groups and communities of the risks: