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How can I get food if I cannot leave home?

If you cannot leave home, there are many options to help you get hold of food:

1. Get support from a volunteer shopper:

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There are thousands of volunteers in Cornwall who are able to support you with shopping.

Volunteer Cornwall can help match you with a volunteer in your local area.  They will normally be asked to contact you within 24 hours. When delivering, they are instructed to maintain social distancing for your protection.

To request volunteer help with shopping or medication collection, you can:

You will need to provide:

  • your name
  • address
  • telephone number
  • a brief explanation of what is required
  • any special arrangements or circumstances

They will also ask your age (but not your date of birth) and any other relevant details.

Volunteer Cornwall will discuss how you can pay for your shopping. Please note they will not ask for your card details or your PIN number. You should never give these out to anyone you don’t already know and trust.

Local providers

You can help support our local food industry by purchasing directly from local producers and retailers. Cornwall is fortunate to have several reliable local food delivery services.  They are able to offer priority delivery options to people most in need. They can also usually supply non-food household items on request. Some options for local food deliveries in your area are listed below:

As well as the home delivery services listed above, many other local:

  • independent shops
  • farm shops
  • community shops and
  • wholesalers are innovating and expanding their service

Some are launching delivery and/or click and collect services for locals.

Use our local producer and retailer map to try and find options near you.

Some local businesses are offering food support for health and care workers.

You may find these directories useful:


Supermarkets are also prioritising deliveries to those most in need. Including elderly or more vulnerable people.  Supermarkets encourage you to:

  • visit in store
  • leave delivery slots for people who need them most

If you are healthy and able, and not at greater risk (such as for health reasons or due to your age).

Information on each main supermarket offering a delivery service are available at the links or numbers below. Call charges may apply:

Some supermarkets are also offering specific call lines for vulnerable individuals as follows. Call charges may apply:

  • Coop: 0330 0417 784 (restricted to specific local stores)
  • Morrisons: 0345 611 6111, option 5
  • Sainsbury’s: 0800 328 1700, or 0800 953 4988 for over 70s
  • Tesco: 0800 917 7359

Some supermarkets are also offering specific grocery boxes for vulnerable groups:

You can also view a list of supermarket updates, with the latest information on:

  • product restrictions
  • special opening hours for key workers or elderly shoppers

If you are a vulnerable person who has explored these options, but have been unable to get a delivery, we may be able to help you get a delivery slot with some supermarkets. Please get in touch with us on 0300 1231118 or by emailing

Directories of local sources of community support are also available at

Cornwall Link Support in Cornwall

If you cannot afford food, you can also look at our guidance on what you can do if you are struggling to pay for food. You may want to seek support from one of the foodbanks below.

Updates on opening times and donation points are available at the links above or at Transformation Cornwall.