Information about Covid19:
Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.


Please note information has been updated (26 June 2020) with new dates for the end of temporary measures which were in place. 

Standard parking charges have been in place again since 1 June 2020

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The usual standard car park charges (as shown on the tariff boards in the car park) came back into place on Monday 1 June 2020. 

Payments/permits for parking are required by all those other than those eligible in the NHS, Health and Social Care (employed through the local authority) and Co-vid 19 volunteers – please see information about free car parking for you below).

Important: All other groups of workers must make payment, letters displayed in windscreens for any other form of employment or service will not be recognised as valid for free parking and you may be subject to receiving a Penalty Notice.

You can still apply for a Blue Badge and the quickest and easiest way to make your application is online.  We will continue to process applications as quickly as possible, but it may take longer than our usual published processing time of 4 to 6 weeks.  If we need further information to support your application, we will contact you by telephone or email.  In exceptional cases we may not be able to decide your application until you have attended an independent mobility assessment.  Face to face assessments are currently suspended but wherever possible they will still be conducted by telephone. 

If your badge has expired and you are unable to reapply, or you are waiting for an application to be processed, you can continue to use your old badge if it expired on or after 1 January 2020. The changes to parking arrangements in Cornwall outlined on this page are subject to regular review.  However, the temporary relaxation on the use of expired Blue Badges is a national change and will remain in place until 30 September 2020.  Please note it does not apply to any privately-operated car parks.  

If you need to get in touch with us about the Blue Badge scheme the easiest way is by emailing

Important: Please note that the below information now only applies to NHS, Health and Social Care Workers (employed through the local authority) and NHS Co-vid volunteers. All other groups of workers must make payment and park legally according to the usual parking restrictions: - letters displayed in windscreens for any other form of employment or service will not be recognised as valid and you may be subject to receiving a Penalty Notice.  

Cornwall Council Car Parks

Parking remains free in our pay and display and pay on exit car parks for you beyond the 1 June and that will be the case until further notice. We will advise on this page when you will need to start paying again.  Free parking is only for use when on duty and must not be used when completing tasks e.g. shopping, unrelated to your work. 

The evidence you will need to display: In the Pay and Display car parks please display on the dashboard of the vehicle, evidence such as: 

  • photocopy of NHS badge with personal details removed
  • your official Government parking pass (see below). 

In Pay on Exit car parks you will need to use the help button / system to speak to our staff and identify who you are to gain free entrance and exit of the car park.

Government passes are being issued by the NHS, Social Care services and the Royal Volunteer Service and you should ask your employer/manager about gaining one. Please do not contact the Parking Services team as they cannot supply them and do not have specific details of the many managers who might have access to provide them for you. 

When you do gain a pass please be aware it is not a licence to park anywhere, you should follow the Terms and Conditions which come with it :- 

How to use the pass

  • Passes will be made available through NHS Trusts, and the Royal Volunteering Society.
  • You should clearly write your registration number and name of your employer where indicated.  For NHS Volunteer Responders please put Royal Voluntary Service as your employer.
  • Display your pass on the dashboard where it can be clearly seen through a windscreen with the printed side facing up.
  • If the detail on the pass becomes illegible you should print and complete a new one.

When the pass is clearly displayed and used in accordance with these guidance notes, pass users will not usually receive PCNs and should not be towed away, unless they are parked causing a serious obstruction.

COVID-19 parking concessions – general guidance

  • Parking concessions for COVID-19 can only be used when on official duty as an NHS staff member, health and social care worker or NHS Volunteer Responder. Local authorities, NHS Trusts and the Royal Voluntary Service will be distributing the pass to those they deem to be eligible within this definition.
  • Please check carefully whether a car park is council or privately owned or operated before parking. This COVID-19 parking concession is available in council owned and operated off-street car parks, on the public highway only.
  • Similar concessions may be available in some private car parks during the COVID-19 emergency response, but you should check with operators locally as to where these apply and whether any additional information is required. For example, you may need to register your vehicle registration with the operator to gain a concession before parking. Car parks which use Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology (ANPR) may issue a Penalty Charge Notice even if a vehicle is temporarily parked, whilst terms and conditions are being read.
  • Pass users, whilst on official duty, can park in on-street dedicated parking bays such as; pay to park bays and residents’ bays without having to pay. 
  • If there are no alternative parking spaces available, users can park on single yellow lines, with the exception of: those where additional loading restrictions apply (look for kerb markings and loading restriction times shown on upright signs), or those that are within 10 metres of a junction.  
  • Concession users are advised to park considerately and safely. They must always ensure that they do not cause an obstruction or endanger other road users and must not stay in a parking place for any longer than is necessary
  • If the pass or other previously agreed permit/evidence is not displayed correctly, a Civil Enforcement Officer may not be able to establish that you are on duty and may issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).
  • This scheme will last for as long as government deems necessary, as part of its COVID-19 response. The end of the scheme will be publicly communicated. COVID19 parking concessions must not be used beyond the date upon which you are advised that they have ceased.  
  • Concessions do not apply on-street in the following places:
    • parking at your normal place of residence or other locations whilst not at work or volunteering
    • on double yellow lines
    • on single yellow lines within 10 metres of a junction
    • where loading and unloading restrictions (kerb markings) are in operation
    • zig zag lines at pedestrian crossings
    • keep clear markings outside a school, a hospital or fire, police or ambulance station 
    • dropped kerbs
    • bus stops
    • suspended bays
    • disabled bays
    • police bays
    • ambulance bays
    • car club bays
    • electric vehicles bays
    • red routes
  • Any parking outside of the concessions guidance may result in the receipt of a PCN. 

On street parking restrictions

We are continuing to waive parking restrictions until further notice, in on-street time limited parking bays for NHS, Health and Social Care workers and NHS Co-vid volunteers.  (NB not in disabled or loading bays). This is only for use when on duty and should not be used outside of work time.

In time limited bays you will need to display clearly in the windscreen of your vehicle the same evidence as detailed in the Cornwall Council car parks information above.

Please remember not to park on single/double yellow lines and observe usual safety restrictions to ensure emergency vehicles and other essential vehicles can travel safely. 

Seasonal parking restrictions came back into place on Monday 8 June 2020 and are enforceable. 

We have extended the period of time that you can use an invalid resident permit to the 31 July. There will be no further extension to that so residents with an invalid permit must apply for a new one immediately. The invalid permit you are using must only expired in the period between 28 March and 31 July  2020.  Any permits invalid outside of those dates will be subject to receiving a Penalty ticket .

Residents and visitors, can no longer park in time restricted limited waiting bays in the zones which are usually not available for resident parking.  

All Care Organisations who contacted us as requested in March 2020 have had their permits extended until further notice.  All new permits requested have been sent out and should have been given to staff by their Care Organisation. 

Carers who have vehicle changes can park using their current permit until further notice. Care Organisations wanting permits for new staff should contact for advice.

Car park charges are in place and so you will need to purchase a permit if that is how you usually pay for parking.  Go to

We were unable to print reminders about permit renewals that expired after 23 March and so please check your paper permit or email of purchase to see if you need to renew.

Rover /season tickets 

You will need to have purchased a permit to park from 1 June 2020.  Please go to our Parking Tickets and Permits page  to purchase those online.  We have reduced numbers of staff working at present, and so if you are unable to purchase online we may not be able to process a permit for you until after the 1 June. Please do contact us as early as possible so we can try to assist you before then  but if you do not receive your permit before the 1 June 2020 you will have to pay the daily parking charges in the car park using another payment method.

Disabled Parking Exemption permits

You will need a permit to park from 1 June 2020.  If you have submitted an application already we will process it as soon as possible and be in contact. If you have not submitted an application you will need to do so now, please go to our Disabled Parking Exemption page. If you are waiting on a paper application, we will be sending these out from 1 June 2020 and you should return that to us as soon as possible so we can process it for you.   

Go to V5C (vehicle log book) information below about applications for permit and the evidence you need to provide.

Please submit an enquiry to if you cannot submit an application by email for any reason.

Please submit applications for permits as normal and as per the usual advice on our parking schemes website page and we will process them as soon as we are able to.  Remember that as detailed above, some invalid permits will be recognised as valid until 30 June 2020, so we will get your new permit/visitor permits to you before that date, but as our teams are so busy there may be a lengthy delay in our contacting you and processing your permit.

See V5C (vehicle log book) information below.

We are aware there may be delays in the arrival of valid V5C certificates that we require for approval of various permits, but please still submit them if you have them. We will put in place temporary measures for approval of tickets without them, but as soon as delivery of those gets back to usual timescales you will be required to submit a valid V5C for your tickets to remain valid. It is your responsibility to only apply for a permit you are eligible for and if that requires a valid V5C that cannot be provided when requested, we will cancel your permit without refund.

If you received a Penalty Charge notice which you have not paid, but have made a challenge or appeal by post, you will have not heard from us yet but you will get a response within the next 4 – 6 weeks as from 1 June we are able to receive and reply to mail.  The charge for your ticket had been put on hold as at 28 March 2020, so has not increased further.

If you sent an appeal or challenge by email then you will have either heard from us already, or you will do so within the next 4 weeks.  

We had stopped PCN cases from progressing to prevent charges increasing but that will begin again as of week commencing 1 June 2020. Therefore if you have not contacted us in relation to your penalty charge notice you must do so immediately. Please go to our web page Parking fines and Enforcement for further information .

From 1 July 2020 all previously relaxed parking restrictions will no longer apply and our Civil Enforcement Officers will be enforcing all restrictions,  helping to keep routes clear for emergency service vehicles, as well as preventing traffic hazards.

As our staff are complying with Government advice we are reduced in numbers and unfortunately unable to respond within normal response times to the unprecedented amount of enquires we are receiving. We are aware of how concerned everyone is in these difficult times and we are dealing with them all as quickly as possible, but as we have priority work trying to assist the community, we will unfortunately be unable to respond quickly. If you have already contacted us please only do so again if your query is not answered below if you have not heard from us in within 15 working days .

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