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How to register for free parking if you have a vehicle adapted for a disabled person

Updated: Cornwall Council Pay & Display and Pay on Exit car parks are currently free until 31st May 2020 and so you do not need a valid ticket or a permit. Parking fees are being re-introduced on the 1st June 2020 and so you will need to pay for parking again from that date.  Free parking continues for NHS, Health & Social Care workers and Covid Volunteers. There is more detailed information on the page Parking Services Covid19 including details of purchasing permits and temporary changes for Resident zones   

Blue Badge holders who use a specially adapted disabled vehicle now need to register their vehicle with us to continue to park without paying in our new Pay on Exit car parks. There is no charge to register. 

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In all other standard Council Pay and Display car parks it is not necessary to register with us to gain free parking for adapted vehicles for a disabled person.

Customers who drive a specially adapted vehicle did not previously have to register with us as our enforcement officers are trained to spot those vehicles and automatically recognise they can park for free.  However new technology needed to operate the new Pay on Exit car parks does not make this possible any longer. As we want to continue to provide free parking for users of adapted vehicles these now need to be registered with us so we can input the details into our new system.

Yes, only if you are a Blue Badge holder and have an adapted vehicle and think you will at any point wish to park in one of our Pay on Exit car parks.  

No, if:

  • you are a Blue Badge holder and have an adapted vehicle and don’t believe you will ever use any of the Pay on Exit car parks in the future.  Before you decide not to register, please be aware that registration can take 10 working days, so if you did ever need to use them we do need advance notice 
  • if you are a Blue Badge holder and are already registered with us under the Disabled Parking Exemption scheme then you do not need to register with us to be able to use the Pay on Exit car parks.  As we already have your vehicle registration details, our technology will automatically recognise that you are entitled to free parking.  You will just need to ensure you continue to register for the Disabled Scheme on a yearly basis as you do now. 
  • if you are a blue badge holder who is not entitled to register with us for free parking with the Disabled Parking Exemption Scheme i.e. because you are not entitled to NIL/Disabled tax,  or you do not have an adapted vehicle then please do not apply to register with us.

There are many adaptations to vehicles for a disabled person's use which could make it eligible for this exemption; unfortunately too many to list on this page.  To check whether your vehicle might be eligible please see the eligible disabled vehicle common adaptations page.  

If the adaptations to the vehicle you are wishing to register are not detailed  but you believe it might be eligible for the adapted vehicle free parking exemption, please email us at and we will advise you further.  

You will need to complete an application form and provide us with evidence of your vehicle's adaptation/s.

The form will be available from 21 January 2019 and you can request it by emailing us at . We can then email or post an application form to you.

In the email please let us know:-

  • The name you want to register the vehicle under
  • Your full postal address and preferred contact phone number 
  • If you want the form sent by email – please confirm which email to send it to (please note you will need to print the form, complete it and either post or scan it to return by email to us)   
  • if you want the form sent by post 

Alternatively you can call our Contact Centre on 0300 1234 222 so that a message with the details above can be sent to us. 

Information is detailed on the form, but you will need to send two pieces of evidence to us: 

  • A copy of your Blue Badge (please do not send originals) . NB Due to Data Protection regulations Parking Services are not legally allowed to access the Blue Badge system and so unfortunately we do have to ask you to provide this for us 
  • and one of the documents listed below
    • Documentation which provides detail of the adaptations made to the vehicle  e.g. Motability letter specifying works completed ;  OR
    • Photographic evidence of the adaptations made to the vehicle. Please note that one of the photos MUST be one fully showing the outside of the vehicle and its registration number plate.  

If you are unable to scan the documents, photos of them will be sufficient. 

Registrations will take up to 10 working days for us to process. All applications returned as complete to us by the 18 February 2019 will be processed before our first Pay on Exit car park starts to operate.

When we have registered your vehicle on the system you will receive an email or post a letter to confirm that registration is complete. You will not be able to park for free in Pay on Exit car parks until you receive this.

The Pay on Exit car parks will have disabled parking spaces. The pay on exit technology is being rolled out from the end of February with all 11 car parks being changed over during 2019 and 2020. The car parks are:-

  • Harbour, Penzance
  • The Island, St. Ives
  • Trenwith, St Ives
  • Town Quarry, Falmouth
  • Garras Wharf, Truro
  • Moorfield, Truro
  • Old Bridge Street, Truro
  • St Georges Road, Newquay
  • The Manor, Newquay
  • Main, Fowey  
  • Link Road, Padstow
  • Millpool, Looe

We are happy to change your vehicle details for you free of charge but you will need to provide the two pieces of evidence again. Changing vehicle details will also take up to 10 days to process so please contact us in well in advance.

No, your vehicle registration will stay on our system until you advise us you wish it to be removed or have changed vehicles. 

  • Yes we have over 100 standard Pay and Display car parks where if you pay the normal car park fee, you will continue to automatically get an additional one hours parking added to the time you have paid for
  • No if you park in any of the new Pay on Exit car parks. The Blue Badge systems permits the badge to be transferred between various vehicles and it is not feasible to operate a system that allows for this.