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Applying for or renewing a blue badge

How do I apply for a blue badge?

You will need to apply online.  This is a quick and easy way for you to make your first application or to reapply if you already have a badge. If you aren’t able to apply online yourself you could ask a family member, friend, support group or carer to help you. The internet is available at your local library and information point. 

If you can’t apply online and you don’t have anyone who can apply for you please ring 0300 1234 121 and choose option 4.

There are other websites that offer to help apply for your Blue Badge but they may charge for this service.  To avoid paying extra, apply direct through the link below.

Apply for a blue badge on

How do I pay the £10.00 fee for my blue badge?

When you have finished your online application you can pay £10 over the telephone by calling 0300 1234 121 and choosing option 4.  We will need your full name and date of birth. It is important that you do not send cash in the post.

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

It can take up to 6-8 weeks to process your application as long as you have completed the application fully, made your payment and provided all of the supporting information that is needed.  It can sometimes take longer if a decision cannot be made and we need you to have an independent mobility assessment.  If a badge is to be given, it will be sent direct to your home address by post by our badge supplier.

What happens when you receive my application?

When your application form, evidence (if needed) and £10 fee is received your case will be allocated a reference number. We will provide this reference number to you if we need further information or if your application if rejected. We then check your identity, and ensure you meet the qualifying conditions.  If you are eligible for a badge we send a request to our national partner who produces your blue badge and posts it to your home address.

How will you contact me if you need further information?

We prefer to contact people by telephone. It is important that you provide us with at least one telephone number so that we can call you if we need to discuss your application. If we cannot speak to you on the telephone we will email you (if you have provided an email address) or send a letter in the post.  We may send you a text if you have provided a mobile telephone number.  We may text you if we need you to contact us or to let you know if your application has been successful.

Why do you ask further questions about my health conditions?

We do this to be able to make the correct decision.  Quite often there is not enough information on the application form and speaking directly with the applicant can be very helpful.

What happens if my form does not contain enough information for you to decide if I need a blue badge?

We will look at your application and if there is not enough information to complete the assessment, we will contact you, usually by telephone. If we still do not have enough information we may ask you to attend a mobility assessment.

What is a mobility assessment?

A mobility assessment is carried out if:

  • there is not enough information to make the correct decision
  • you disagree with our decision. 

The assessment is carried out by medical professionals independent of Cornwall Council. A report is then provided to us on how your disability affects your walking.  We use this to make a final decision on your application.

What can I do if my blue badge application is rejected?

If you do not qualify for a badge under the strict criteria we may reject your application. However if you disagree with the decision, you can write to us within one month of the date on the refusal letter and ask us to reconsider your application. You must sign the letter and clearly tell us why you disagree with our decision.  You should also provide any further information or evidence you think is relevant to your application and that you have not provided to us before.

How long does my badge last?

Your blue badge is normally valid for three years from the date of issue.

However, if you receive:

  • Personal Independence Payments (PIP) 8 points or more under moving around or 10 points under Planning and Following a Journey under the descriptor of causing overwhelming psychological distress
  • the higher rate mobility component of the disability living allowance
  • or war pensioners mobility supplement

and your benefit has been awarded for less than three years, your blue badge will expire on the same date as your benefit.

How do I renew my blue badge?

Blue badges are not automatically renewed. We do NOT send reminders and the reapplication process can take the same time to deal with as a new application.

You can reapply online; the process is exactly the same as making an application for the first time.

Reapply online on

What if I have a blue badge from another area?

If you move to Cornwall from another area, you can continue to use your old badge. You can apply for a new badge from Cornwall Council when your old one expires. You should tell the Council that issued your old badge about your change of address.

What if my blue badge is lost, stolen or destroyed?

We can issue a replacement badge if yours is lost or stolen. You will need to provide a new photo. The fee for a replacement badge is £10.00. 

Ask for a replacement badge online

What to do if a blue badge holder has died?

You should return the blue badge to Cornwall Council by posting it to

Blue Badge Assessments,
PO BOX 676,
TR1 9EQ.

If you still need to talk to us about your Blue Badge application please call us on 0300 1234 121 (option 4)