Other people's stories

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As part of Mental Health Awareness week the people below shared their powerful stories about mental health with us.


Craig Strippel from Newlyn in Cornwall has turned his life around. He was battling alcoholism and couldn't see a way out. One night he found himself ready to end his life but a fisherman found him. Craig describes the support he found and how last month, he ran the London Marathon.


Andy Jones' life changed when he was injured by an IED in Afghanistan. What followed was a downward spiral where his relationships broke down, he lost his job and was living out of his car.


Jon Mackenzie is a photographer and mental health project worker. He uses photography to highlight issues such as mental health and is about to start a project in Cornwall.

You can view the exhibition Jon created in Cornwall called Local Hero on his website. Click on the Local Hero tab to see the list of subjects including a singer from Fishermen's Friends, a world adaptive surf champion and BBC Radio Cornwall's Laurence Reed.

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