Special Guardianship

What is Special Guardianship?

Special Guardianship is a way of giving a child who is unable to live with their birth parents - but connected to you - the love and security of family life. It is a legal procedure and a Special Guardianship Order is granted by the Court, so when a child becomes subject to a Special Guardianship Order they become part of that family until they are 18 (or younger if the court decides this). The child keeps their name and the birth parents retain some parental responsibility whilst the Special Guardian gains enhanced rights and responsibilities.

Family Plus Team

The Family Plus Team supports families with a Special Guardianship Order or Child Arrangements Order, as well as adoptive families. The Team includes specialist social workers, youth workers, theraplay specialists and also expert psychologists specialising in working with adopted and looked after children and young people.

If you are a family with a Special Guardianship Order or Child Arrangements Order who would like to find out more about the Family Plus Team and the support it can offer, please contact us on: 01872 322200 or familyplus@cornwall.gov.uk.

Read our Special Guardianship Policy

Special Guardian

Special Guardian is a support service working in partnership with Cornwall Council and the Family Plus Team. It is run by special guardians and offers support to families with a Special Guardianship or Child Arrangements Order.