Cornwall Foster Carers Network

Cornwall Foster Carer's Network is the representative body for all foster carers who foster for the Local Authority in Cornwall.

Our aim is to represent carers' views and act as advocates for carers both as individual fostering families and as a group. Cornwall Foster Carers' Network is run by a committee of 12 foster carers who represent the three regions of the County - West, Mid and East. The committee members are elected through our Annual General Meeting in May each year and all carers are sent information about the Annual General Meeting and about how to nominate someone for Committee membership.  We try to be as open as possible and all of our monthly committee meetings are open to our membership - that is, all of Cornwall Council's foster carers. We meet at New County Hall, Truro at 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of every month.

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Cornwall Foster Carers' Network Committee Members are often involved in working groups about improving the fostering service in Cornwall and that means that Committee membership is quite a responsible role. If you like the way that Cornwall Foster Carers' Network is working, come and get involved and help us develop. If you don't like some of the decisions we have helped to form, there's even more of a reason for getting involved!