What is adoption?

Adoption is a way of giving a child the love and security of family life when they cannot live with the family they were born into.

It is a legal procedure, so when a child becomes adopted they become a full member of their new family, usually taking the family name. Adoption truly is a life-changing experience, both for children and adopters.

There are many reasons that children might need a new family. There are children of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, some single children and some sibling groups. 

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Megan is 18 years old and was adopted when she was a little girl, she says: Without adoption I wouldn't be where I am today, a happy, confident person with an exciting future ahead of me. The only people I can thank for that are my parents whom have been there for me constantly. I couldn't imagine having any other family around me.

Here are examples of some of the children waiting to be adopted:

Jack and Sophie are siblings who are close in age and have a strong relationship with each other. Jack and Sophie are doing well at school and are very keen to learn, but they need some extra help with some subjects. Jack and Sophie love going to the beach. Sophie loves dancing, singing and surfing. Jack loves swimming and football.  

Annie is a chatty and lively little girl who loves storytime. Annie loves to bake with her foster carer.  Annie has just started school and is making lots of friends there - she is a sociable little girl . Annie's favourite colour is pink and she would like to have a pink bedroom with her new family.

Benjamin is a loving and engaging little boy who loves to play with his toy tractors. Benjamin has just started nursery and likes to be with the other children. Benjamin enjoys storytime, playing in the paddling pool and helping his foster carer to bake cookies!  

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