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Frequently asked questions

As a professional, do I need consent from the families to make a Request for Help?

Yes. We want our work to be as collaborative as possible and that means making requests for families that they not only consent to but fully understand. However, you can make a general enquiry and ask for advice without consent, as long as you do not use names.

No, we are not a directory service. If you require health clinician details please phone the Care Management Centre on 01872 221400 or for Council professionals please ring enquiries on 0300 1234 100.

Yes – a contact worker will answer any questions you may have about your request for help, or can put you through to a manager if necessary. You must only give us personal details about someone if you have consent to do so, or please keep it anonymous.

All concerns about the safety of a child must go to the  Multi-Agency referral unit (MARU) 0300 123 1116.

Not for the initial meeting, as this can be chaired by the early support coordinator for your area – please request this on the referral form.  A lead professional will need to be identified for future meetings.