Child Protection Conferences

Cornwall Council uses the Signs of Safety Model in their Child Protection process and child protection procedures.

For Initial Child Protection Conferences, a conference report template must be completed by each agency invited to attend and submitted, via email, to Child Protection Admin at least three working days prior to conference.   Email contact details can be found at the bottom of this page and will be included in your invitation.

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For Review Conferences it is not necessary to complete a report unless the agency will not be represented in person at the conference and there is relevant information which should be shared, in which case a report should be completed and submitted as above.

Please see below for a reminder on the need for statutory intervention with a child and their family:

Guidance on the thresholds for intervention is below:

Guidance on the transfer in of child protection case conferences is below:

It is helpful for children’s views to be available, where possible, for child protection conferences.  Two documents are therefore provided for use by social workers with children aged 4-9 years and 10-17 years.

Below are some useful information and links:

Case conference reports should be e-mailed to one of the addresses below.  Please mark the area in the heading:

The secure e-mail address is:

The above email addresses are not considered to be the most secure way of sending information unless protected by Cryptshare, Egress, Watchguard or other encrypting system.

All email boxes are monitored on a daily basis.