Child Death Overview Panel

Child Death Reviews

The OSCP is responsible for ensuring that a review of each death of a child normally resident in the OSCP’s area is undertaken by a Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP). The Panel will have a fixed core membership drawn from organisations represented on the OSCP with flexibility to co-opt other relevant professionals to discuss certain types of death as and when appropriate. The Panel should include a professional from public health as well as child health.

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One or more OSCPs can choose to share a CDOP – Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly have a joint CDOP with Plymouth SCP and Devon and Torbay SCP.  This enables the CDOP to review deaths from a larger population so that it is better able to identify significant recurrent contributory factors.

In cases where organisations in more than one SCP area have known about or have had contact with the child, lead responsibility should sit with the SCP for the area in which the child was normally resident at the time of death. Other SCPs or local organisations which have had involvement in the case should cooperate in jointly planning and undertaking the child death review. In the case of a looked after child, the SCP for the area of the local authority looking after the child should exercise lead responsibility for conducting the child death review, involving other SCPs with an interest or whose lead agencies have had involvement as appropriate.

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