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Supporting Change in Partnership

A different way of working together with disabled children and their families

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What is SCIP?

  • Supporting Change in Partnership (SCIP) is solution focused, fosters new skills in families and celebrates success.
  • SCIP is a practical way of working in partnership with families towards their goals.
  • SCIP is a preventative, time limited approach that sets out to improve outcomes for children and their families.
  • SCIP aims to respond quickly to children, young people and their families needs.

SCIP works with:

Disabled children and young people between the ages of 0-18 years and their families.

Families who choose to have a positive, proportionate response to their needs from SCIP to prevent escalation to a Statutory Social Work Assessment.

Our team

Supporting Change in Partnership is delivered by Early Support Workers and trained Parent Volunteers.

SCIP supports children and young people with complex disabilities when:

  • Families think that they might need a Social Worker but the direct work required can be provided by experienced Early Support Workers or trained Parent Volunteers
  • Practical support can prevent a crisis 
  • Pressures on the family are impacting on parenting eg bereavement, separation, mental/emotional health and wellbeing concerns
  • The child is at risk of exclusion from school or college
  • Families need support following a diagnosis or are new to Cornwall
  • Families need information, advice and guidance or practical support but not Statutory Social Work

Examples of where we’ve helped:

  • Strategies to reduce a child’s challenging behaviour
  • Support around a child’s communication
  • Practical assistance with benefits, local activities and housing
  • Strategies to reduces a child’s anxieties
  • Solutions to support a child’s sensory needs

Requests for SCIP

Parents or professionals can make a request for SCIP.

For more information please contact the Early Help Hub.

Visit the Local Offer for information about support for disabled children and young people.