Direct Payments for children during the Coronavirus

Using Direct Payments

We expect funds to continue to be used for the support set out in the Child Plan or Education, Health & Care Plan.

These plans specify how direct payment funds are to be used to meet your child or young person’s assessed needs.

We expect families to continue with their usual arrangements wherever possible.

You may need extra precautions in relation to hygiene and infection control. Where you provide personal assistants with personal protective equipment (PPE), please use your DP funds to do this.

Personal Protective Equipment

As an employer you remain under an obligation to ensure that there is a safe system of work in place. You can insist on greater standards of hygiene and care. 

Accessing appropriate personal protective equipment for your personal assistants needs to be considered. If you are unsure what PPE you should buy, or if you have difficulty getting it, please contact your allocated worker.

You can use your direct payment funds to buy PPE for your personal assistants. Please keep all receipts as evidence of DP expenditure.

If your child or young person receives a personal health budget, or support is being delivered from an agency or a childminder, it is for them to advise, source and purchase the PPE depending on individual circumstances.

The government guidelines are being updated and the advice on topics such as PPE changes. You should follow advice on the government and NHS websites.

The Department of Health and Social Care has information on PPE

Guidance on wearing the right PPE

DBS Identity Checks for PA's

We are continuing to check applicant's identity using video verification of documents.

This means that we do not see the applicant’s original identity documents as we would usually.

Please ask your personal assistant to show you the original versions of these documents before they start working for you. These will be the same documents they provided as evidence of identity via remote video verification. In some cases where information is not clear, we may need to see original documents.

Team Support

We have continued to provide help and support to families by keeping in regular contact. This may have been from a home visit, telephone or video call.

We continue to make significant savings by reducing the amount of printing. Thank you for providing us with your email address so that information can be sent to you. If your email address changes, please let us know.

Guidance and forms

Please continue to complete the DP expenditure sheets electronically. Please send these to your Personalisation Support Advisor by email, rather than by post.

You can reach us by email or mobile phone. Your Employers Liability Insurance providers are also able to assist with any employment queries you may have.

If you have any concerns, please contact us and we will ensure a member of the Disabled Children and Therapy Service contacts you.

Carey Thomas

07973 813531

Alan Anderson

07891 840261

Emma Stiles

07483 382323

Team Admin:

Jackie Datson
07395 835330

Team Manager:

Alison Bancroft
07973 497387

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