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Adoption support

We support adopted children, adults and the adoptive parents throughout their adoption journey. We have a dedicated support team called the Family Plus Team. The team is made up of expert professionals including:

  • support workers
  • therapists
  • a psychologist
  • A specialist life story book co-coordinator for adopted children
  • Family worker reviewing officers.  They provide specialist advice and support for families and children under a Special Guardianship Order.

We also have specialist therapeutic workers qualified in:

  • Video Interactive Guidance
  • Theraplay
  • Therapeutic Life Story Work
  • Dyadic Development Practice
  • Clinical Psychologists with expertise in working with children and families who:
    • have experienced trauma, abuse and loss
    • have attachment difficulties
    • have emotional and behavioural difficulties

If you feel you need advice or support, please get in touch. We can help, through our own skilled therapeutic family workers. Or by guiding you to the most appropriate support services.

View the Family Plus leaflet

Adoption Support Fund

The adoption support fund (ASF) provides funds to local authorities and regional adoption agencies to pay for essential therapeutic services for eligible adoptive and special guardianship order families.  Further information can be found on the website.

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