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Sometimes it's hard to see what we do as being amazing.

It might be part of our routine to volunteer, or have that daily swim in the sea. However, making the effort to do something positive, no matter how big or small, could help to inspire others.

We're looking to celebrate sixty of the most inspirational residents over the age of 60 in Cornwall to help to highlight positive ways in which we can all live and age well.

Who are we looking for?

As residents, you come from all walks of life and do all sorts of amazing things. From small acts of kindness to keeping up with an interesting hobby or running your own business, we want to hear about the things that you do to live happily and healthily.

Nominate someone else

Perhaps you have a neighbour who always goes out of their way to brighten up your day or a friend or family member who does something that inspires you. Get in touch today and help us to celebrate success and positivity in ageing.

Successful nominations

If you know someone who's worth celebrating, or feel that there's something that you do that could inspire others to live well, then get in touch and let us know why!

Successful nominations will be profiled on our website and social media as part of a positive ageing well campaign to celebrate Cornwall's amazing residents over 60.

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We will only use this information in conjunction with your nomination. We will not share your data with any other third party with the exception of those listed above. In accordance with Cornwall Council’s Record Retention Policy, we will hold your information for 2 years from the date that nominations close on 10th May 2019. All personal information held by Cornwall Council is held safely in a secure environment.

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