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Information for professionals

Making an interagency adults safeguarding referral

All professionals must complete an interagency adults safeguarding referral form or you can email or ring the Adult Safeguarding Service on 01872 326433 for advice. You will receive a written response to your referral.

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Making a High Risk Behaviour Referral - this referral form is for professionals to use when referring a person or persons displaying high risk behaviour to be considered by the High Risk Behaviour Panel. It should be returned to

The Truth Project is part of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse which examines how institutions and organisations in England and Wales may have failed to protect children. 

The Project is designed to enable victims of child sexual abuse to tell their story through a series of 'pop-up' sessions at Penzance, Truro and Bodmin throughout November and December 2017. The Chairs of the Safeguarding Adults Board and the Safeguarding Children Partnership respectively are promoting this project to support adults, young people and children who have experienced harm.

The Home Office is currently raising awareness and encouraging reporting of modern day slavery and human trafficking and has produced some promotional material for local authorities and partner agencies to use in order to raise public awareness and encourage reporting of potential victims.

It is estimated that there were 10,000 - 13,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK in 2013, but only 1,746 potential victims were referred to the National Referral Mechanism in the same period. In 2015, this figure rose to 3,266 potential victims.

Professionals attended  Lunch and Learn events in March to mark the official launch of the adult safeguarding policies. These were informal events where attendees brought their own lunch and found out more about the following multiagency policies; 

  • Adult Safeguarding policy
  • Organisational Abuse policy
  • Allegations against People in Positions of Trust
  • Learning from Experience

There was positive feedback from those who attended and similar events have  been held to support the introduction of the Self-neglect Policy which was launched summer 2019