Adult Safeguarding real life examples

These successful projects are helping to raise awareness of the needs of disabled people and older people in Cornwall and their right to be treated with dignity and respect: 

  • Time4Change project - The Time4Change project employs people with a learning disability to act as trainers and deliver training and awareness raising activities across Cornwall. 
  • Acute Liaison Nurses RCHT - The Acute Liaison Nurses work at the Royal Cornwall Hospital Trust.  They support patients with learning disabilities and their families throughout their hospital experience. 
  • Safeguarding Advocates Cornwall Council - Cornwall Council has introduced employee advocates across all of its directorates to help raise awareness of safeguarding and communicate with employees.
  • Dementia Care Mapping - Cornwall Council’s Social Care Learning and Development service uses dementia care mapping to help organisations understanding of the people they work with and improve quality of care.
  • Safe Places Kernow - The Safe Places Kernow scheme supports people with learning disabilities and ensures that they have access to a safe place where they can be treated with care, compassion and understanding.
  • Cornwall Foundation Trust - Cornwall Foundation Trust is working with all of its managers and employees to change the culture of the organisation to ensure that everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • Train the Trainer project - The Train the Trainer project enables people with learning disabilities to achieve a national training qualification and to deliver training across Cornwall. 
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