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Direct Payments

We know that those of you who employ staff (personal assistants) will have a lot of questions about the arrangements for laying off / furloughing staff or for paying staff who are sick or self-isolating. Please see our Direct Payments during the Covid-19 outbreak page

What is a Direct Payment?

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A person who has eligible needs has a Personal Budget.  This is the amount of money the Council sets aside to pay for the person's care and support.  A Direct Payment is where the person decides to buy the care and support themselves, rather than have the Council do this for them.

If a person is eligible to have a Direct Payment and wants one, the Council will give the person enough money to buy the support they need.

Cornwall Council supports Direct Payments to help people have greater independence, choice and control in meeting their eligible needs.

We have reviewed the way in which we manage and monitor Direct Payments for adults.  Following consultation throughout Autumn 2019 and approval by Cornwall Council's Cabinet, we are happy to now publish the new Policy.  This sets out Cornwall Council's approach for adults who have eligible needs and who want to arrange their care and support with a Direct Payment.

We are also updating the guidance and information we provide.  More information will be added to this page over the coming months, so watch this space!  If you have queries in the meantime please get in touch, using the contact details shown on this page.

As an outcome of the review of our Direct Payment system, we felt we needed to introduce a new agreement which is:

  • clear and easy to follow;
  • provides your reference number (MOSAIC) which you can quote if you need to contact us;
  • sets out both the Council's and your responsibilities;
  • clearly shows the options available to you in line with the Care Act 2014;
  • provides useful contact information and websites for further information and resources;
  • introduces new requirements such as reporting expenditure to us on a quarterly basis and returning unspent funds.  This is to ensure the Council carries out due diligence with public funds, enabling us to manage Adult Social Care budgets so they can remain available to all people with eligible social care needs.

Easy Read Agreement

We worked with the CHAMPs (Cornwall Health & Making Partnerships) team and disAbility Cornwall & Isles of Scilly to produce the new document.  It now serves as the formal agreement and a useful guide all in one.  This is written in a way we hope will be easier for everyone to use and understand.  There is a checklist at the back which sets out clearly what you are agreeing to when you sign the document.

Formal Agreement

There is a legal framework the Council has to adhere to for Direct Payments which can be quite complicated to understand.  This more formally worded document is available here.

Payment Rates and Dates