Home Care Services

Home Care is practical and supportive care. It allows a person with support needs to remain in their home. This helps to improve their quality of life.  It also makes it possible for them to keep their independence.

People may need Home Care if they are:

  • getting older
  • have a medical condition
  • recovering from a surgery or have a disability

Home Care includes but is not limited to:

  • Personal Care
  • Night Support
  • Health care for medical or clinical aid in the home
  • Outreach and Community Activities Support
  • Daily Living Skills Support

Cornwall Council currently award service provision through its Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Spot purchase services with Care and Support Providers are available in areas where there is a limited supply.

What’s next?

The DPS Agreement Contract started in June 2018. It is jointly operated by NHS Kernow and Cornwall Council.

This is used to commission contracts for Home Care and Supportive Lifestyles Services.

The DPS Agreement is open for further applications and providers are required to go through a due diligence tendering process.

You can view a list of the providers currently registered on the DPS contract for Home Care and Supportive Lifestyles.

The service model aims to deliver:

  • The best outcomes that people want for themselves
  • Good quality support
  • County-wide accessibility
  • Compliance with legislation and regularity requirements
  • Individuals to have control over the type of support they access to improve their health and wellbeing
  • Individuals to feel safe in their own homes
  • Good information, advice and guidance
  • Works in partnership with all support services providing choice of types of support available to people
  • Works in partnership to support the health and social care system. For example:
    • Acute and Community Hospitals
    • GP Services
    • Ambulance Services
    • NHS Services in Cornwall and
    • Social Care.
  • Value for money

Provider events have discussed the new Home Care and Supportive Lifestyles Contract. We have collated all the questions and responses from the Providers during all of the events.

Home Care and Supportive Lifestyles Services Rates

DPS ceiling rates for Home Care and Supportive Lifestyles services. These are commissioned by Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group. They cover the period from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024.

As a result of the Fair Cost of Care exercise, the inflationary increase for the Home Care (Day Rate) ceiling rate was brought forward to 1 October 2022, at a rate of £23.98 (4.9% uplift). As such, the increase has already been applied for 2023-24 for this specific rate.

  2022/23 Ceiling Rate
(new packages)
2023/24 Ceiling Rate
(new packages)
Inflationary uplift for existing packages held by DPS providers
Home Care
(Day Rate)
£22.86 £23.98 4.92%
Home Care
(Waking Night Rate)
£18.31 £19.21 4.92%
Supportive Lifestyles (Core) £18.31 £19.21 4.92%
Supportive Lifestyles (1:1) £19.99 £20.97 4.92%
Supportive Lifestyles/Home Care (Night Rate-Sleep in) £13.54 £14.41 4.92%
Supportive Lifestyles (Waking Night) £18.31 £19.21 4.92%

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