Care Certificate Assessment Tools from Grey Matter

What is it? 

  • Easy-to-use Care Certificate assessments, which quickly measure and record knowledge and evidence of safety to practice, enabling you to prioritise learning against identified gaps.
  • It is a series of on-line assessment activities that help individuals and their managers identify gaps in their knowledge.
  • These assessment activities take the form of multiple choice questionnaires. 
  • It helps to identify learning needs for the individual, who is then able to focus learning on the areas that need development; this provides time and cost savings.
  • It is easy to access from any computer that has internet access.
  • The assessment tools allow staff and managers to add evidence and other supporting information to demonstrate competence, e.g. supervision discussions, observations of practice and feedback from healthcare patients and social care clients. This can form the basis of an online evidence portfolio. 

The Care Certificate assessment tools has been paid for by Adult Commissioning Learning and Development at Cornwall Council and they are currently free to use. You can access the assessment tools by selecting the link below but first you will need to either email or telephone The Grey Matter Group to be set up with login details. 

Access the Care Certificate assessment tools online

You will need to explain to them which organisation you work for within Cornwall and also explain if you are a manager or not. Once you have been given login details there are User Guides available on the site as well as a Manager’s Guide. 

To contact The Grey Matter Group please use the following: 


Telephone: 0345 873 0373