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Workforce Strategy Adult Social Care Independent Sector

A Draft Workforce Strategy for Adult Social Care Independent Providers in Cornwall 2019 - 2026 'Proud to Care'

We believe the shared vision is of a well led, well regarded and well trained workforce that promotes sustainability, quality and independence within the adult social care independent provider sector.  A workforce that is proud to care.  This workforce is enabling people to live the best life they can, receiving quality care at all points in their life as and when needed.

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To achieve this vision a Draft Workforce Strategy has been produced collating information from relevant documents, previous discussion and some initial sector engagement.  This will inform the Adult Social Care element of Cornwall's integrated Social Care and Health workforce transformation plan (as part of the Sustainability and Transformation Partnership - 'Shaping Our Future').

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We are pleased to share our Draft Workforce Strategy for Adult Social Care Independent Providers in Cornwall.

We have been through a period of engagement seeking feedback on the above draft strategy.  An updated version is being produced and will be published once formally approved.

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