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Community Bases Support and Housing Commissioning Framework

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Commissioning Framework 2017-2025

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow have held four co-production sessions with Care Businesses to develop the future Community Based Support and Housing Commissioning Framework in Cornwall 2017–25.

This document is now undergoing the relevant governance agreements and informs the current development of future community based support  that are being co-designed with relevant stakeholders throughout May to July 2017.

Co-designing Future Services

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow Commissioners are fully committed to ensuring that all stakeholders are able to actively contribute to the way support in the community is delivered to people across Cornwall. 

Commissioners are developing Market Position Statements for each Adult Social Care Market in Cornwall, together with an overall Market Position Statement of Social Care in Cornwall.

If you are considering Supportive Lifestyles or simply want more information on how Supportive Lifestyles could positively influence you or someone you know, please take a look at our Supportive Lifestyles leaflet for further details.

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow are redesigning the way people are supported at home and in supported living services.

We are creating a new model where people’s needs can be met flexibly and innovatively, making the most of limited resources, whilst giving the person the maximum levels of choice and control over their lives.

We are developing Supportive Lifestyle Services, based on core (shared) hours and introducing the ability of all providers to bid on additional 1:1 support for people via a Dynamic Purchasing System. Giving individuals more choice over who provides them with essential 1:1 support in their  home (which may be a supported living scheme) or in the community. This will enable all providers who offer Home Care Services,  Supported Living Services, Person Centred Support and Enablement to consider delivering Supportive Lifestyle Services in Cornwall,  either by bidding for a block of Core Hours (shared hours) or for individual 1:1 hours through the DPS or via an Individual Service Fund or a Direct Payment.

We hope that this will enable more providers to diversify and grow their business into Cornwall and to bid on services for people with an eligible Health or Social Care need; who live in our current supported living schemes, the local community and for the future new opportunities in Cornwall.

Alongside this Support Tender, Cornwall is embarking on an ambitious development of Supported Living Housing over the next 8 years.

Providing quality housing and support is central to ensuring our strategic aims of developing independence, enablement, promoting life skills and delivering on outcomes for individuals .