Supportive Lifestyles

Market Position Statement

Commissioners are developing Market Position Statements for the Adult Social Care Market in Cornwall, together with an overall Market Position Statement of Social Care in Cornwall. The Market Position Statement is currently being developed and there will be an event later in 2019 that providers will be invited to attend to help shape the Market Position Statement.

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If you are considering Supportive Lifestyles or simply want more information on how Supportive Lifestyles could positively influence you or someone you know, please take a look at our Supportive Lifestyles leaflet for further details.

The Supportive Lifestyles Pathway, and Supportive Lifestyles Commissioning Intentions outline the plans for the future development and update of care and support services within Cornwall.

Provider Forums

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow have set up joint provider forums with the Supportive Lifestyle providers. These forums are to enable commissioners and providers to meet and share good practice, developments and challenges. The first of these took place on the 2 November 2018. These forums will be provider led and take place twice a year.

The forums are an opportunity to shape future working within Supportive Lifestyles Provision and Commissioning.

The agenda and presentation from 2 November Provider Forum are available to view, as well as the presentation about technology enabled care given by Sarah Scrivener.

The next provider forum will take place on the 24 May 2019.

If you would like to suggest an item for the agenda, or would like to receive some further information, please contact

Contract Management

Cornwall Council and NHS Kernow will be jointly reviewing the quarterly returns from Providers, and key stakeholders from both organisations will jointly attend and run the contract review meetings.

There will be quarterly review meetings for providers who are considered strategic and critical by the SCOT classification, and there will be a minimum of yearly contract meetings with all providers regardless of size.

You may find the Guidance Notes helpful for completing your workbook return. If you have any further questions please contact the or